Thursday, November 22, 2012


So.  I told my beloved about the dream.  You do remember the Challenger blew up?  he said.   I hadn*t.  I was delighted that we got to learn teamwork before we took off.  I was captivated by the scenery.  I was amazed that we had the road... all to ourselves.  I figured the name said something about what lay before me.  I had forgotten... it blew up.

I slept in.
There was no kitchen
That beckoned
Thanksgiving preparations,
Not even a side dish
To share.
I awakened this morning
From a dream.
I was part of a crew of four
Two women
Two men
On the Challenger.
We were off
To the moon.
Preparing for lift-off,
I closed my eyes. 
When I opened them
We were rolling along
A beautiful road in the country
Golden yellow maples
On either side
The bluest sky
I have ever seen.
It seems we had to learn teamwork
Before we were allowed
To take off.

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