Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We were going to vote early, but I*m glad we didn*t.  Instead, we ran the gauntlet of our neighbors, saw people we rarely see.  As always, there were ballot surprises.  I take some satisfaction in knowing one particular candidate counted us as HIS when we clearly aren*t.  I can*t imagine wanting to be county coroner.

As always
There are ballot surprises.
But first
The gauntlet of neighbors.
They check our name and address
Check it again.
I have no opinion
About the county coroner.
The final question:
Should someone be allowed
To hold two offices at once?
I can*t imagine this
As a good idea.
That was easy.
The poll watchers tell us
(when asked)
We are on the list
As supporting someone
We would never support.
Ballot surprises.
There are always
Ballot surprises.

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