Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving poem

I am sitting in a messy family room in a house with kitchen parts strewn everywhere.  And I am amazingly thankful for possibilities which allow me to clarify what is really important.

I am thankful
For the cat snoring
Next to me;
For the turtle
Making bubbles
In his water dish;
For the daughter
Snoozing upstairs;
For my beloved husband who just left
For work
With a spring in his step;
For the head hunter
Who contacted my beloved
About a possible job
In my home state
Even though
My beloved
 is not looking.
I am thankful we figured out
Very quickly
How it might work out
If we were
To move
Out of state.
I am thankful for a new kitchen
In the works,
Even though it was not in the plans
Until next year.
I am thankful for possibilities
Around every corner,
The ability
To consider them.
I am thankful to be here:
Wherever here

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