Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday list

It is Monday morning in this house without a working kitchen.  The refrigerator is in the living room, the coffee pot in the bathroom.  None of us are morning people.  Mornings without a kitchen seem particularly difficult.  The routines we depend upon are out of whack.  Monday mornings, in particular, require a list.  I am grateful my beloved (and my driver) allows me an extra hour of space before we leave.  My ten o*clock client never rescheduled, so I will see someone at eleven.  I am grateful.

We still struggle
With the lack of a kitchen,
Particularly in the morning.
None of us
Are morning people.
I have to create
Morning lists:
Make coffee in the bathroom.
Take my shower
(Is this a day I need to wash
My hair?)
Swallow the morning pills
(only two)
Pack a lunch
(It*s Monday, remember?)
Figure out
When the driver
Actually plans
To leave.
Be grateful there is time
To write and post.
Every Monday I enter
A post-free zone.
Be grateful.
Be grateful.
Be grateful.
I awakened this morning
With possibilities
For the week.
A new client.
Two new clients.
New ways
To widen the circle
Of peers.
They all wait for me
As I wait for them.
Be grateful.
Be grateful.
Be grateful.

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