Saturday, November 24, 2012


I think we all needed the sleep and sheer downtime.  Of course my daughter has continued to run the weekend ragged.  I expect she will arise around noon.  Today is Saturday, glorious Saturday... the second one in a row.  I expect we skipped Friday this week, or Wednesday was Friday, or perhaps, because these days, schools get out the Tuesday night before Thanksgving, perhaps we*ve had a week of Saturdays or impending Saturdays.

I love the fact
It*s Saturday today
When it felt like Saturday
Two Saturdays
In a row.
We have all slept in
Three days now.
It is relative
To the individual,
What sleeping in
The cat and turtle
Don*t care
What day it is.
They sleep whenever
They wish.
Today I love the additional Saturday.
It is 10:30.
The cat and I
Are the only ones
We bask in the sheer Saturday
Of it all.

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