Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christ the King

New computer with new key sensitivity.  Whoa.  If this is what the world looks like all gathered together... I think I prefer the old way, even if it was more difficult, and I had lost the apostrophe and had to make do with an asterisk.  Today Jeff and I share our experiences as a blended family at the adult forum at church.  Today is the reminder of the glorious end.  We begin again next week.

Today is the reminder
Of the glorious end.
Today Christ the King reigns
Over all.
The world
Gathered all together:
The Kingdom Come;
The Will be done.
Today: a picture,
The Glorious End
Of the World,
All the pieces gathered
Back together
Only to begin again
Next week
All over again.
Stay tuned
For the Glorious Beginning.

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