Thursday, November 15, 2012


I often talk with clients about the value of seeing and talking about things outside the confines of our singular mind.  Things often look different in the light.  I am in a place of change, particularly change of my support network.  I realize as I look at the pieces on my desk: my desk is full... my life is full ... I am already living in a sort of paradigm shift.  There is already a different currency exchange.

It is almost noon.
I lay my support
On the desk
In front of me.
I note the pieces
Which go together:
Who stands on whose shoulders;
Who is missing;
Who might be
To the mix.
I would like
To barter,
Trade support
For support.
I imagine a world
Where no one pays
For anything,
Everything is offered
Around kitchen tables.
I imagine
A world that runs
On different currency.
I realize
I am wealthy in support
Of all kinds.
My desk is full.
I realize
I am full.

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