Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wealth of thought

Every place I work or have worked assesses people and things differently.  In my volunteer job, on Mondays, there is yet another way to assess people.  I am learning the value of multiple ways of identifying things, the value of diagnosis: not to put people in a box, but simply to learn anew where... to begin.  I am richer for it.

I worked
On the twelve page assessment.
I found the check box
Poverty of thought.
I know it is
An official term.
Still I see
A child on the street,
Nose pressed to glass,
The outside
Of a schoolroom window.
I want to invite him in,
Invite her in,
To sit in the front row.
I want
To teach to a broader curriculum,
Hold those poor thoughts
In the light,
Expand those poor thoughts
In the light.
I want to mark a newly created box
On a different page:
Wealth of thought
It would read.
A venerable and veritable
Wealth of thought.

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