Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The kitchen renovation continues.  God willing, they will finish installing the cabinets today.  My beloved is set on a particular sink.  I care that water will run and whichever sink we end up with will work as a sink.  Thankfully, Tom, the design guy, is here to help.  He is one of the plethora of Toms involved in this process.  He is calm and centered.

The kitchen project continues
The workmen arrived
At 7:30.
They are all named
The sink we wanted
Is backordered
In China,
So we look at
Alternative sinks.
More options
Always more options.
A plethora of options.
Meanwhile one of the Toms
Uses a power saw
In the kitchen.
It reverberates
Off the tile.
I contemplate,
As best as I am able,
The oatmeal at Starbucks
With all the fixings.

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