Friday, November 9, 2012

Cancelled plans

I am the one you see with a paper appointment book.  No IPad.  A cell phone that is the least complicated one I can find.  There is satisfaction in paper, even though I write on the computer.  My longhand is pretty much illegible, even to me.  Still, there*s something about a paper appointment book.  It allows me to cross things out,,, in crayon.

I cancelled the plans
For today.
I still must learn
How to schedule space
For myself.
The workshop years ago
Encouraged writing
Appointments with myself
On the calendar
In ink,
Permanent marker,
Even crayon.
Anything but pencil.
Nothing erasable.
I still must learn
To schedule space
For myself.
But still…
I cancelled the plans
For today,
Drew a curlicue line
Through them
In crayon.

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