Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pomegranate seeds

This year we are eating out for Thanksgiving.  We are going to a buffet which is donating part of the proceeds to the Chicago Food Depository.  When my daughter and I were in the grocery store yesterday, we noted the pomegranates.  We also saw, for the first time ever, on the top shelf of the prepared fruit section, a plastic container of pomegranate seeds.  I wonder what a restaurant would do if we sneaked it in under our coats?

This year we have no kitchen
For Thanksgiving.
Is out of the question.
Of course,
For most people,
Pomegranates do not figure into
The Thanksgiving equation.
In my family
Pomegranate seeds
Always spell out
In the green salad,
Sections of pink grapefruit and sliced cucumber
To hold them in place,
So they do*t all slide
To the bottom of the salad bowl,
No longer a garnish,
But instead a part of
The remains of the day.

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