Monday, November 12, 2012


People regularly ask me: How*s your practice going?  I think it is going the way it needs to go.  Of course that is most often not the answer they are looking for.  Today is Monday.  I am not in my office on Mondays.  Mondays are volunteer days at the Clinic.  Between sessions I sit with the interns and other clinic people.  We have our own kind of group.  I like groups... of all sorts.  I believe people are meant to be in groups... of all sorts.  

There is a large space
Next to my office.
It even has a fireplace.
Last year they found a dead animal
In the chimney.
Now that the air is truly clear,
I know
It would be perfect
For group therapy.
Already a group meets there
Every Monday night.
The rest of the nights
Are free.
The senior high meets there
Every Sunday morning now,
In that large comfortable space
Next to my office.
I envision groups there
Every night
Of the week,
While Zumba dances
In the basement.

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