Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent 1

We almost overslept the 10:30 service this morning.  Thankfully... we didn*t.  Turns out the number of clergy in the pews outnumbered the clergy at the altar. Six of us in the pew, four up front.  Once again I realize I am not alone.  Possibilities of new beginnings (in line with season of Advent), new endings (again in line with Advent) and somewheres in between (somehow, Advent again).  Possibilities stream forth.

Church brought
The usual
Clump of clergy
Behind the altar;
More than the usual
Clergy spread out,
Standing in pews,
The celebrant in Advent blue,
The priests in matching stoles,
A beautiful sight.
The rest of us figuring where to stand
And sit
And kneel.
Raise our hands to the sky
Or not.
Remember new beginnings
New endings
New somewheres
In between.

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