Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent is for dreaming

It seems this is a time of preparation... for something.  My person -- body and soul and mind --working on church time, flips into Advent musings.  I am standing next to the ocean, preparing to dive, without even knowing the particulars of scuba gear, without having received any training.  My dad is there, even though I don*t recall seeing him since he died in 1996, just before Christmas.  I was not surprised to see him.  Yep.  Preparation... for something.

I signed up for
A scuba dive,
A race of sorts,
I paid my money,
Drove with the instructor
To the site.
On the way
I told him I might not
Be ready yet.
Next to the ocean
I found my father.
He stood on the edge
Of the crowd
As he did
When he was alive.
Why should it be different now?
My beloved and daughter
Arrived in a different car.
They were all there
To watch me dive
And perhaps to see me
Come out the other side.

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