Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Star

When we decorated the tree this year, we missed one particular ornament, one my mother made of needlepoint years ago when my son was small. It was a small boy dressed to play in the snow.  Since everything was in upheaval last year with renovations, we did not put up the tree.  Two years ago after Christmas, I mailed a box to Erik in Minnesota, a box with a sampling of ornaments from his trees growing up.  I must have included the snowsuit boy.  Still... we have the star he made in preschool.  It is the last thing placed on our tree every year.

On top of every tree
For over twenty years
The star
A manila office folder
Card stock
Cut and folded,
Stapled just so
By one boy child
Age 3,
Maybe 4,
Decorated with squares
Of tissue paper
Orange and purple.
The star
The very last thing placed
On every tree
For over twenty years.
No small matter.
Other ornaments were mailed off
Two years ago
To seed another tree
To the North
But the Star
Remains here.

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