Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No ice on my wings

We got the walks and driveway clear yesterday, with shovels.  The squirrels had eaten the push button on the snow blower over the summer.  The snow blower repair people will pick up the snow blower tomorrow.  The winter weather has begun the changing of plans.  One of its hallmarks. Snow days are not just for children. 

Snow here
But no ice.
The workshop for today
Was cancelled last night.
Due to inclement weather,
The leader
Was not able to fly
Across the country.
Winter weather can be hard
On wings.
She will stay
In the South
For today,
Not because of weather here
But because of
Weather there.
I learn the reprieve
Of a day set free.
No ice on my wings.
The weather has finally changed
To winter.
No ice on my wings --
Only snow.

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