Thursday, December 5, 2013

For now... it's John

It is already day five of Advent, a short season.  Some years are a little shorter than others.  Advent does not expand or contract in real time the way the other seasons do.  Still there may be a lot more kairos time in Advent than we usually give it, even with its set four Sundays.  There*s a lot to fit in these four weeks, not just the shopping and cookies.  

With Advent
So short
Every day counts,
Not just for shopping
Or cookies.

Every word counts,
Not just poems
Like this one.

Every person counts.
Key people appear.
Like John.
John says:
Don*t look at me
Look at Him!
I tell you!
He’s not here yet
But keep looking
Don*t settle on me.
Look for him.
Mary has lines
Later on in the play.
For now
John*s on stage.
He speaks more loudly
More loudly still.
For now
It*s John.

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