Monday, December 16, 2013

Today is cancelled

The head cold remains.  I was awake for my appointment to get my teeth cleaned when a client called in sick.  What a good idea I thought, barely able to speak without coughing.  The yard was decorated with snow over the weekend.  Here I am with a blanket and turtleneck pulled up over my nose and mouth, like the Skeezix cartoon character.  A cup of coffee in the stegosaurus mug warms my hands.

Today has been cancelled.
One client called in sick.
This allowed me to call the dentist,
Not subject the hygienist
To my head cold
This morning;
This allowed me to reschedule
The other appointment this afternoon.
Today is cancelled.
I drink hot things
In the blue chair,
Watch consciousness
Come and go,
Pull the turtleneck up
Over my nose and mouth,
Think what a blessing this is
What a blessing this is
To give my consciousness
A break
Wait for presents to arrive
In the mail.
The yard outside was decorated
By Mother Nature herself.
Is cancelled.

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