Sunday, December 8, 2013


It is the second Sunday in Advent.  Advent - my favorite season of the church year.  It is John the Baptist Sunday.  My New Testament professor always called him JB.  Today I stay home, thinking about John.  The rest of the house has gone back to bed.  We have each had a bone-wearing week. 

We all got up in time
For church.
We acknowledged each of us,
In particular ways,
Is bone-weary
From the week.
If any one of us
Had said to the others
I will go with you
Rather than
I will stay home
With you
We might be in the car
Right now
Driving to church.
As it is
Even the cat
Has gone back to sleep,
In his older cat way.
We have yet to hear
From the turtle.
He was not even part
Of the conversation
To begin with.

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