Monday, December 23, 2013

Stone creche

Of course now the creche is without a shepherd.  Maybe the extra king can play the part.  We have a plethora of creches from all over the world.  This year we set out only one.  Simply one.  With one nativity it is easier to see the world which surrounds it, including the burning bushes covered in snow, outside the front windows.

Last night we set out
The stone crèche from Kenya
Four kings bearing gifts
Disguised as a shepherd.
We thought for years
They forgot Joseph
This year we determined
He was there all along,
Disguised as a shepherd
The same size and stone
As Mary.
The crèche stands
On the straw mat from China,
Next to the round onyx lamp
From Pakistan,
Under Guided by Stars,
A print of an Inuit family
Seeking home on a sled at night,
The sky filled with stars.
Never was the tableau
So appropriate.
The windows beyond
Hold the burning bushes
in this morning's light,
No longer burning
Covered in snow.
I*m glad to find Joseph
And the rest of world
In attendance
This year.

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