Saturday, December 7, 2013

Workshop leader

Yesterday counted as 6 CEUs.  The workshop title was near perfect, as was the morning presentation.  The afternoon presentation, how to implement the morning's learnings, reminded me of why I am first and foremost a priest, and why They deserve to be treated like Us, and really, how I have moved back to the liminal space between Us and Them.  I had this same experience in Domestic Violence Training last winter.  I remember driving home, all those Saturdays, with the sun in my eyes.

The workshop leader
Had me
At the word Go
After lunch she advocated
Or perhaps telling
A small fib
If it would make things
Go smoother.
If I had left
After lunch
I would never have heard her speak
Of Us and Them,
Them and Us.
All would have remained right
With the world.
And perhaps
The sun would have not blinded me
All the way home.

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