Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Switching hats

I keep forgetting I*m not that kind of therapist.  I have bombed with at least three mental health training supervisors.  I*m not sure this is a record.  Perhaps it is.  I want to say to each of them:  It*s not you... It*s me.  But then again, this line sounds like I no longer want to date them, and I*m working to find the least hurtful way out.  I stuck with two of them for a year each.  I learned a lot.  For number three... we made it two sessions.  It*s not you... it*s me. This, of course, is true.  And of course, it*s you too.  I feel like I have left three gifted people, and yet kept the original who sees that I am not that kind of therapist.  See... I am still doing it:  It*s not you... it*s me.  Of course.  Of course it*s you too.

I felt the need
To switch hats last night.
I said
I am not talking to you
As a therapist.
She said
Of course you*re not.
That*s not why I see you

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