Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Clarity and the Guadalupe

This week arrived and my brain arrived with it.  Clear as a bell.  This is day three.  Forgive me if I name this a miracle.  It really is stunning.  Clarity and The Guadalupe all on the same day.  I am blessed indeed.

Day three of a clear brain,
Sun shining off
More new snow.
It is clear
I am to offer calmness
Under the altar
And beyond.
Women iron ribbons
In the sacristy.
Too cold for a procession
Around the block,
The church is ready
For The Guadalupe
To arrive
She returns from her journey
Through the western suburbs,
Prayers pinned
To her robes.
She returns
Along with my clear calm brain.
I prayed for clarity.
In addition I found
The Guadalupe
In all her glory.

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