Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today the tree

We were going to put up the tree early this year.  Surprise. No.  Today the furniture will be rearranged, the tree put together.  We have an artificial tree we purchased years ago, when we realized I am allergic to pine, and one small child became almost apoplectic when we put the tree, dripping needles, on the curb.  Today our artificial tree (years ago purchased on discount as last year's model) will be rooted in the living room once again.  O Come, Thou Root of Jesse, Come.

Today the tree.
But first of all
Comes the rearrangement
Of the living room:
One chair moved
To the family room,
The blue writing chair moved
Across the room
To recline
In a different space,
Directly across
From where
The tree will stand.
One thing at a time.
For now we all drink coffee.
I guess coffee is really
First of all.
By bedtime
The tree will be
In its place
Across from the recliner.
It will be rooted
In the living room.
Its lights will speak
Of coming things.
Today the tree.
In its time
The tree.

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