Monday, December 2, 2013

Stronger for it

Yesterday felt like convergence at the beginning the new church year, a waiting for the baby and Second Coming, just as Advent is meant to be, except in real, on-the-ground time.  I stood with three other clergy after church yesterday.  All four of us sat in the pew, by choice, yesterday.  We spoke of what has changed, what is honored now, what seems to have been forgotten.  The new church year has barely hit the ground.

With the new church year
On the ground
I find myself saying:
To myself
To others
To those in positions of power
Small and somewhat greater:
Have you ever considered?
With the new church year
Taking its very first steps
Into new and newer life,
I consider new things
Shored up
By a bulwark of things
Named old.
Have you considered
This very thing
Has been considered before
With perhaps different elements
In perhaps
Different ways?
Have you considered
One thing building on another
And just perhaps
Stronger for it?

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