Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The healthy one

I have been struggling with the aftermath of the cold from Hell.  Now my daughter has the flu.  The cat loves to eat Christmas ribbon.  My beloved... well... he is my beloved.  And healthy.  I pray my son is healthy, in the northern climes.  Still... it is Christmas.  I feel like we should all be singing the Whoville song, gathered around the Christmas tree.  My beloved will go to Florida tomorrow to see his parents and brother and nephews.  My daughter and I will stay home with the cat and the turtle.  This is the turtle's slow time of year. I'm thinking it may be our slow time as well.

The healthy one
Makes Christmas breakfast
After cleaning up
The cat puke
Laden with the cat’s favorite
He washed his hands.
I know he washed his hands
The healthy one
I mean.
It is 2:00 PM.
Christmas day will go
As it will go.
Jesus is born again
No matter who is healthy,
Who is not.
Everyone sits in the living room
Gathered by the tree
Not healthy
And all.

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