Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day four

I count this fourth day of clear brain as miraculous.  The frigid weather has settled in.  It is day twelve of Advent, and the day honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe.  She brought clear brain with her... a gift for now.  My friends with any kind of brain complications or mental illness know how stunning this is.  It*s not so much You don*t know what you*ve got *til it*s gone, but rather what a glorious thing it is when it returns for a visit!  

Day four
Our Lady
Has brought even more clarity
To the fore.
I wonder if the time
She carried Jesus
All those miles
Perched on a donkey
Clarified things
With every hoof fall;
Until finally someone said
Stay here.
Park that donkey
There’s some hay
Out back.
Climb down
With your womb full
Of clarity.
It is time to deliver
The child.
And she did.

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