Wednesday, December 18, 2013

O Come

I remember the rhythm of Advent from the days my children were small, from the parish ministry days.  I remember the times I was between parishes during Advent (I managed this at least twice).  Now my children are mostly grown, I have a counseling office under the altar, and no official responsibilities for the wealth of Advent/Christmas celebration at St. Mark's.  I did still manage to get the traditional Advent head cold, somehow.  

Every Advent
Churches work to forestall Christmas
With Jesse Trees,
Advent Wreathes,
Advent Carols,
Even with chocolate candy countdowns
To December 25.
We must celebrate something
Something calls
For celebration
Children wait in the dark
Adults wait
In the dark
The tree is up
In the corner of every living room
Churches everywhere
People everywhere
Wait for the Light to arrive
No matter what we do
To forestall Christmas
It comes
And it always seems
It is never soon enough.

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