Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's the excuse?

Home from church.  I resorted to the blue recliner last night so my snoring would keep no one awake... not my beloved... not me.  Excuses?  We have three.  Including the fact that I dreamed about church last night.  I dreamed a church that was so large it provided every service in town... and here I'm not just talking worship services... 

Today calls for warm things, cookies, and possibly the Christmas tree.

Today we have at least three:
College essays for one
Grading for one
And me?
I dreamed about church
All night.
Then there*s this head cold.
It begs
To be coddled
With warm things,
Lots of liquid,
Slice and bake cookies
Maybe even the Christmas tree
Will come out of the bag
After the cookies.

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