Friday, December 13, 2013

The Light comes and goes

Day five of clarity.  Yeah!  Today is Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia).  Mary and Joseph are still on their way to Bethlehem to be counted.  I imagine the Star traveled with them.  At this time of year there is so much to pay attention to, so much light to notice, so much to watch.  

As we approach
The longest night,
The longest day approaches
To the South.
The night and day
Are both about light.
They wait for the world
To turn again.
They wait and watch
For the world to turn.
Saint Lucy wears her crown
Of light today.
Mary and Joseph continue their walk
To Bethlehem,
To be counted
In the census.
The Star travels with them,
Waits to rest.
Soon it will.
I count day five
Of a clear brain
Even as the daylight hours
Grow shorter
Here in the North.
Somewhere to the South
The Light grows brighter
This time of year.
I am a creature
Of the Light.
Sometimes I even see the Star.

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