Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bring *em on

Sometimes I feel really dense.  

A friend mentions she will attend
A Civilized party.
I wonder first what makes a party
Then discover the celebration
Is for a civil union.
I am told there are no good verbs or adjectives
To go with civil unions.
They will have to be created
From scratch.

Not a bad idea
At all.

Bring *em on,
I say,
Bring *em on.
Let the redefinitions continue.
Let the possibilities for honest deep
Lifelong commitment
Let civility be extended
To the ends
Of the earth.

Bring *em on.


  1. In Michigan we don't have civil unions, but some folks are still having "commitment ceremonies." these, however require the same level of preparation as for a wedding.. But the language isn't there. We are doing pre-commitment counseling ? Oy...what words to use?how to be sensitive to the differences and the similarities. Are there "brides" in a commitment ceremony or partners? Or committee, commitor? It's a little nutty, and a lot of stumbling over words...sigh...

    Will be better when we have liturgy for civil unions and commitment ceremonies which will give us words.

  2. I*ll forward the Holy Union stuff from Chicago. Stellar. So much so that I prefer it to the BCP service hands down.