Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One thing

Multi-tasking, I think, is overrated.  I know there is a lot to be done, but really very little has to be done immediately.  Dealing well with one thing at a time, sitting with one person at a time, being present to One Thing even while I am aware of Everything Else... the line outside the door, for example.  This is the challenge.  I am in training for this challenge, every day I practice dealing with One Thing at a time and listen to the clamor in the hallway.

The challenge:
To deal with one thing
At a time.
One thing
Right now.
Only one.
Today I notice all the links
With everything else
I think
This One Thing.

I mean it

One Thing.

The rest are lined up
Outside the door
They will still be there
When it comes their turn.

One Thing
Sits in front of me
One Thing

It challenges me
To focus

There is a chant
From the rest in the hallway
Outside the door.
They want their turn
Right Now
Right Now
Right Now

One thing sits
In front of me

One Thing.
We have lunch together.

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