Thursday, July 14, 2011

The women in Saudi Arabia/Bastille Day

So much to say here.  Of course I have a fresh understanding of the freedom that come with driving.  But still, 
I would never face a beating when I get behind the wheel, even if I*m on driving probation like the six months post-seizure.  I picture all the women of Saudi Arabia in broad daylight taking over the streets in cars. It*s quite a picture.  And still an issue.  Even though the King has declared women may work in lingerie shops now.  This pair of Western eyes remains curious.

They have taken to the streets
In droves,
In cars.
They now drive
In broad daylight,
So many that no one dares
To beat them back
To beat all of them back
Or senseless
Or silly.
Seriously they drive.

To Western eyes it seems a small thing.
It*s not
At all.
I heard the Princess speak
On NPR this morning.
She says that the King has signed a declaration.
It allows women to work
In lingerie shops.

The driving continues on
As civil disobedience.
A supreme act
Of civil disobedience
In full daylight
All together.

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