Monday, July 18, 2011


I begin another week: internship at the halfway house, working out in the mornings, focusing on one patch of garden to weed, oh yes, and preaching at church on Sunday morning for the first time in four years, in exactly four years.  When occasion calls, I move.  I learn from my watching my daughter, watching the guys at the halfway house, watching the flowers and weeds grow.

I watch her twirl.
Even though I don*t dance
Like she does,
Practiced dance twirls,
From lessons two or three times
A week,
I recognize the spin,
The need to be
Everywhere at once.

I practice new ways
To see and hear myself
In new places.
When occasion calls
I move.
When it is time for silence,
I sit
Still as a stone,
Still as a stone
I tell you.

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