Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Music before communion

Sunday we found ourselves in the front pew at the 10:30 service.  During the offertory there was a reed-rendered gavotte.  I think it was saxophone, but it may have been clarinet.  (To all the musician-sorts, I know they sound different!)   It seemed we should be dancing.  We didn*t.  I did move my feet below pew-level.   I often think we should come to communion... dancing.

If we keep our eyes open,
Ears open,
Unfurl fists
Like water lilies answer to the sun,
We may even know the promise,
Be graced with life.
We may dance with full abandon,
Slight nuance,
Like we wanted to do on Sunday
Before communion,
The saxophone-rendered gavotte.

We will hear and see and feel the music
Before communion.
We may even see the player,
The man making music in the balcony
From behind,
His children with him
Hanging over the edge.

We will see
Find ourselves full open,
Open our hands
In the light of day.
We will notice the background music,
The soundtrack always shifting,
The nuance and full-out abandon,
Even the children
hanging over the edge,
Before communion.

1 comment:

  1. Love "we will see Hear Find ourselves full open" Yes, that is what it's like. From your poem here's my question for myself: "During a service, if I'm safe to be full open, and it's a good thing to be full open to God and to each other as we worship together, why not other times?"