Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dog days

I think we are always in search of someone or something which will tell us  exactly what to expect.  Even when it happens, we know it was only a possibility.

Today is the beginning of the dog days of summer, 40 days of especially hot and humid weather with little rainfall, according to the Farmers' Almanac.  (Garrison Keillor, The Writer*s Almanac, for July 3)

Do we really get 40 days of this?
Does anyone even read the Farmers* Almanac anymore?
Is there preference for the back page
Of the newspaper:
The weather map which shows us
Seven days at a time,
The map of weather cells,
highs and lows which vacation
Across the country,
Usually west to east?
Charts with arrows
Drawn by someone who has studied weather
Seem somehow
More accurate.

Yesterday*s hotness was arrowed and drawn
For Friday.

The Farmers* Almanac by turn
Promises us forty days
Of this.
According to whichever farmer is responsible
Yesterday*s weather
Was early.

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