Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Variations on the theme

A friend helped me decorate my office (thank you, Terri!).  My brother gave me an Inuit print years ago of a woman in ceremonial garb standing on the moon, looking at the earth (thank you, Lane!).  The print is framed and hangs over the office sofa.  It is the piece around which the office is decorated.  It reminds me of a number of things: holding a wider perspective, celebrating what I see (the whole and the particular), remembering that as a therapist, I am also priest.  I am glad God has called me here.

Perhaps we never get the straight stuff,
Only variations on the theme
Of human.
Clients begin to approach
One by one.
They do not wait in line
Outside my door.
Each one echoes things
That are familiar.
They have seen miracles,
Heck they are miracles
Here they are
In my office,
The Inuit print on the wall
The Woman Who Went to the Moon
Shows both of us a wider picture of the world.
We talk variations on the theme
Of human.
And of course
We talk particularities.

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