Thursday, July 21, 2011


I suspect we will make new heat records this summer.  It is not a dry heat.  While I would love to live in an open-air house where the cooling breeze blows through, I am grateful for air-conditioning in weather like this.  When we got married and moved in 1995 (me from Boston, Jeff from North Dakota), I remember it was hot like this.  It*s interesting to me what certain memories are tied to, how particular experiences are wired to things like weather.  It*s interesting to me how all those experiences are wired together.

I remember the summer
Of 1995:
Newly married
Soon newly pregnant
The heat of that summer
Reminds me of now.
The heat
The stress number index
With moving trucks
From Boston,
North Dakota;
The marriage
The baby coming
Two new jobs
A third grader.

That fall I was met at the new parish door
By a large blonde woman
Arms akimbo.
She stood at the top of the steps,
Madder than two wet hens,
Asked me who I was,
What I thought I was doing there.
I remember the heat
Of that summer,
Reminds me a bit of now.
The large blonde woman died less than a year later
Quick diagnosis, then two weeks dead:
Cancer of the bile duct.
She died
Soon after our baby
Eyes wide open
Was born.
I remember the heat of that summer
That fall
That spring,
Reminds me a bit
Of now.

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