Monday, July 4, 2011

Wednesday dinner at the half-way house

Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day, though none of us is really independent, even though we like to pretend we are.  Oh, Catharine, there you go again (I can hear it).   

Today I am grateful for the independence I do have, but most of all the interdependence I share with family and church and friends, the ability to do the things God would have me do, to be who God has made me to be, alongside those I share this thing called Life.  With God*s help, I choose life every day, every minute, even in the ten minutes slated at the end of Wednesday dinner, even though I am an intern, and gratefulness statements are only for the house residents to make.

On Wednesday
Dinner at the half-way house includes
Ten minutes of gratefulness
At the end.

The men practice learning
How to notice
Small things.
And big.
They learn to be glad for both,
Speak them out loud
For everyone to hear
While they eat dessert.
As each one finishes talking,
There is a chorus of
Thank You.

On Wednesday,
During dessert,
The men learn
How to give particular thanks
In a way that may lead
To continued health
If they choose to continue
To notice.

Every Wednesday,
Each man introduces himself,
Gives particular thanks
And everyone else says
Thank You.

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