Friday, July 8, 2011

First names

Last night I was asked to introduce myself to the small group my supervisor works with at the halfway house. I will be with them twice a week until mid-September.  
Of course the short answer is that I am an intern learning how to work with and counsel people struggling with addiction.  I ended up saying a lot more.  There were a lot of questions.
What an impressive group!  
I like the first name thing... a lot.  Reminds me of being back at Earlham.

We are all on a first name basis
At the halfway house.
There are two guys who share a first name
In group.
Every time they speak
They use their first name,
Last initial.
It reminds me a little of grade school
Or even the cartoon Recess
With Ashley A.
Ashley B.
Ashley C.
All blonde and virtually

These guys are nothing
Except for heroin,
Their drug of choice.
They are nothing alike
Except they have made a choice to learn
To stay clean.

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  1. Nothing quite like addicts who have decided that sobriety is a gift and they want to appreciate it each and every day!