Friday, July 15, 2011

Keep coming back

So ends week three at the halfway house.  The men work during the day, in recovery, and live in the house, with support, in recovery.  I continue to think about lessons for the Church in the experience.  The men here have chemical addictions, but the Church has long been noted for its hospital aspects.  We are all addicted to something.  As long as we are living in this world, we are in need of Christ, and we need each other.  In AA, Step One is admitting we are powerless over addiction (the drug, the behavior) in ourselves, whatever it is.  No, Church and AA aren*t the same thing.  Still... I wonder what would happen if we all held hands and said, after the dismissal, looking into each other*s eyes, Keep coming back.

Keep coming back
It*s said at the end
of every Anonymous meeting.
I listened to it even in group
Last night.
There are lines in every group
Which grow fresh or stale
In the naming.
Today it echoes
In my head.
Keep Coming Back.
For community
For support
For one more day of possibility.
In the Church we end the service
 with a dismissal
Go into the world
We say
To love and serve the Lord.
I wonder what would happen
If we added
Keep coming back.
The dismissal, after all,
Does not end the community,
Just this one time of gathering.
Maybe we believe it is implied,
But still:
Keep coming back:
For support
For love
For a kick in the pants
For one more day
Of possibility.
For life lived

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  1. I once co-officiated at a funeral/NA meeting. Began my sermon with, "Hello, my name is Willa and I am a sinner." -- Walter Righter taught me that.

    I think of AA as a taproot into the spirituality of church.