Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am glad to attend a church where Cheerios are allowed, and the holiness of even small children is honored.

After Communion
There were three Cheerios left on the carpet
In front of the altar rail.
We sat in the front row,
Watched the children.
Three Cheerios left behind,
With no identifying information.

Now I think of Hansel and Gretel
Strewing bread crumbs
In the woods,
The birds that ate
Every single one.
Three Cheerios were left behind.
We picked them up.

There are other traces of children.
The picture of
The carefully held and folded hands
Of one small blonde child;
The one year old who could not decide
Whether the wafer held enough
Interest, and her mother,
Who watched.
Her mother told me the Cheerios belonged
To someone else this morning,
But she knew Cheerios.
When they clean the car,
Lift the floormats,
The carpet is layered
In Cheerios.

This morning
There were only three Cheerios
Left behind.
No birds.
We picked them up

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  1. Many years ago, when my daughter was a toddler, and I was doing some interior work with a therapist, I would occasionally need to take my daughter with me for our sessions. My therapist lovingly joked about the trail of cherrios left behind. Ingive thanks for churches, therapists, and all others, who honor the complex reality of parenting, tending to the various concerns of all, and the simple reality that kids eat all day long....the grazing effect...