Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nocturnal thunderstorms

Weather sirens are a relatively new thing in Roselle.  When we asked after we moved here in 1995 why there were no sirens, we were told they would wake people up.  Duh.  And of course we could probably hear sirens from the Medinah Country Club or Itasca or Schaumburg or even Hanover Park.  Two or three years ago now there was a weather siren crusade led by one particularly wonderful woman.  Now we have sirens.  I think of how change comes about.  Often it begins with one person getting a burr under her saddle.  She will forever be known as the siren woman.  Not a bad thing.  Not a bad thing at all.

I hear the sirens
So I gather the living things,
The cat,
The turtle.
We sit in the basement
With the wind-up weather radio
The cat
The turtle
And me.
3 in the morning.
I sit in the camp chair
Next to the washing machine,
Wind up the radio.
I hear it is the season
For nocturnal thunderstorms.
They favor the climate
In late July and August.
They roam the northern periphery
Of hot high pressure domes.
They develop and strengthen at night,
In the dark.
When the sun rises
They dissipate
In the light,
In the very light
Of the rising sun.

3 in the morning
I listen to weather lessons
On the wind-up radio
With the cat
And the turtle.
I picture storms roaming
The northern periphery
Of hot high pressure domes.
When there are no tornadoes
We all
Go back to bed,
Wake up
In the light.

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