Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sometimes the role of chilling out and waiting until civility returns is what*s called for.  Sometimes all the roles we carry get out of balance, out of whack.   I remember that child in the daycare program who was given time out after time out by the teacher.  When we grow up, the necessity of time-outs continue, but God-willing, we identify them ourselves, and take them.  

There are so many roles
To coordinate
To fill.
The mother
The wife
The usher
The preacher
The weeder
The therapist
The endless endless
Today I am
The sit-in-the-chair-and-chill out-er,
The time-outer
Until some things
And I can behave

Today I am also the reader,
The cold fried chicken and cherry
I still listen to the birds,
But through closed windows.
I am thankful
For cooler air
I am thankful for time to breathe,
For time to see more clearly.
Today is the tenth of July.
It is time to bring in the flag.

Today I will also be the one
Who takes down the flag.

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