Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding plumb at the halfway house

Jesus* parables show us the possibility of plumb, as they up-end our understanding of the way things should be, the way things are.  Yesterday, when I used experiences as the halfway house as examples of the Holy, I realized afterwards I am watching the enactment of a parable there every day.  I watch the men line up, then go off plumb, then back on plumb, as we all tend to do.  Perhaps they are spinning a bit more, but I go into spin on a regular basis too.  I got a note from a friend (thanks, Keith!) saying my plumb bob fit into his sermon yesterday.  I*m glad it was used Somewhere.

The plumb line,
Its bob spinning at the end
Was important,
But not the exact metaphor
I needed yesterday
To demonstrate how Jesus
Was the line that showed
Direct vertical
To the center of the earth.
Instead of a plumb bob,
A plumb line,
I needed
The halfway house,
The guys lined up at dinner,
The guys
Talking gratefulness ,
The guys
Lined up in group,
Sharing their proudest moment.
They filled the room
With laughter and praise,
Pride reigned,
The good honest kind of pride
Anyone could share.
I saw them line up
With Jesus
Right there in front of me.
I saw them
Completely plumb for a moment
Lined up with Jesus.
Really just like me,
For a moment
Lined up with Jesus.

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