Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let it come

I believe we are all given different things to notice, to pay attention to.  When new awareness comes my way, I do sometimes wonder why I didn*t see it before.  I am still learning (re-learning) how to say:   Now is the time for that awareness. And: Thank God.   No, I don*t want to permanently return to age four or five, (or eighteen or nineteen)  but it does help to remember I was there once, and visit occasionally.   So.  Let it come.

Let it come.

Often I wonder why I didn*t know something
I rise to awareness.
It is all so obvious.
It has been alive
Next door,
On the front lawn.
It has nested for years
In the back porch light
With the sparrows,
Eaten corn with the ducks,
Fed by the lady in red.

It is obvious like the time I saw the clouds move
For the first time.
I knew
They had been moving
Perhaps I might have noticed
I didn*t.  And
It didn*t matter.
Thank God I was only four or five.
I didn*t know
How to second-guess

Let it come.
Let me know the new
On the front lawn.
The columbine seed pods
Turn brown
Ready to split open
Spill possibility
Next to the window.

Let it come.

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