Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It seems to me a surefire way for a parish priest to get in trouble ... suggesting someone might be better matched to a different worshiping community, Christian or even otherwise.  It seems part of my priestly ordination to help people find spiritual home.  I love the Episcopal Church, but it*s not for everyone.

I used to get in trouble
When people came to talk with me
And it was clear
They needed to find
A different community.
I would tell them about the Methodists
The Quakers
The Orthodox (Greek and Jewish).
I would mention the church down the street
That was doing the exact thing
They wanted our community
To do.
I would make sure they knew
Our welcome
But if they wanted a place to sit
In community and silence,
Speaking when they were led by the Spirit
To speak
I knew a possible place for them.

I used to get in trouble
For naming those other possibilities.
I did not seek to fill the pews or chairs
So we could count them
As ours.

Give it a try
I*d say
Let me know how it goes.

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