Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plumb bobs

So I woke up this AM with plumb bobs and plumb lines on the brain.  Thought it would fit into the sermon.  No.  I think I would still like to use it as sermon illustration at one point.  For now I*ll hang it in the office.  It*s really quite a cool thing.  

I learned more about plumb bobs
Than I ever knew before,
Enough to know it is apt
To consider Jesus
The best ever plumbline
There is
or was
or ever will be,
Not just leave it all
Back with Amos
And the others.

I am now the proud owner
Of a stainless steel bob,
Strung and knotted with ordinary string,
Threaded by the hardware guy
The way I do a needle:
With spit and eyeball.
All that plumb research
But it didn*t line up
With the sermon.
I think I will hang it
Next to the bookshelf
So I will see it coming
And going.
One can never have too many

1 comment:

  1. I'd been wondering how a plumb bob worked with the lessons for today. I couldn't see it. I kept looking for Amos and found Laban or Solomon.

    It is the mustard seed that will get my attention. I fear for many of us our god has become much too big a deal. We want a god like a great Cedar akin to those of Lebanon fame. What we get is more akin to a weed.