Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New window

I am eager for the new window in my office.  I am told it will be installed this month.

It remains interesting to me that things that are new and appreciated for me are just a part of the usual scenery for those who come after me.  This is true of a number of things.  Now that I am involved in the internship at Serenity House, I see again the newness and appreciation in the faces and lives of those who have chosen to live there, and let the breezes blow through their lives, not just watch others live.

My window is scheduled
To be replaced
This month.
Soon I will be able to open and close it.
Maybe find a breeze.
Now I look through it into the window well.
There is green light through the leaves
At one in the afternoon.
I imagine it is hot.
Inside it is cool and green.
The possibilities will increase
When I can open and shut the window.
Then I will have new curtains.
They will blow over the plant,
The one planned
For the sill.
Clients new to the space
Will think I have always
Had a window I can open
And breeze-blown curtains.
They will think there has always
Been the scent
Of something blooming.

1 comment:

  1. A new window is delightful, I love to have opened windows!