Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday is gratefulness day

There*s something about practicing gratefulness out loud that I like.  It goes with noticing particular things, as well as the more general.  I think we get used to the help, help, help prayers, and lose the thank you, thank you, thank you ones.  I like Wednesdays at the halfway house.

Wednesday is gratefulness day
At the halfway house.
The guys get five minutes
At the end of dinner to say why
They are grateful.
Sure, some are rote pieces
Of gratefulness, but
Every week
there are always one or two things
Which catch my breath.

The lists always start with
I am grateful for
Waking up
Going to work
Being sober

At the halfway house I remember
Sure I am not God
Sure I need help
Like we all do.

At the halfway house I am reminded
Every Wednesday
Five minutes after dinner
To be grateful

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